There I was, comfortable at home, listening to a replay of Alex Jeffreys weave magic with his words. It wasn’t just his no nonsense, tell it like it is, down-to-earth delivery style or his pull no punches anecdotes; it was the raw truth, the punch to the gut that made me sit up and say, “This. This is what I need to hear.”

And boy, did I hear it loud and clear! This wasn’t just a live event; it was a wake-up call, a roadmap to a future I dared to dream of but never truly believed I could reach. Here are the five takeaways that have become my north star on the path to building a life beyond “broke and alone”:

1. Clarity Before the Climb: Forget blindly chasing success. Before taking a single step, I need to know what I’m running away from. For me, it’s the gnawing fear of financial instability, the sting of loneliness, and the crippling grip of job insecurity. Defining these demons is the first step to exorcising them and propelling me forward.

2. Sticking Power is the Secret Sauce: Success isn’t a lottery ticket; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Most people stumble because they give up, not because they lack talent or opportunity. This is my mantra now: grit, not quit, is the key.

3. Share Your Story, Reap the Rewards: My story isn’t a burden; it’s a beacon. Alex reminded me that being real, being your true self resonates, that vulnerability connects. So, I’ll share my journey, the struggles and triumphs, and watch as the universe conspires to lift me up.

4. Own Your Odyssey, Captain: Blaming the tides won’t steer the ship. Taking ownership of my results, good or bad, is the only way to chart a course towards my dreams. No more blaming others or external circumstances.  It’s all on me!

5. Knowledge is Power (and Numbers are the Currency): Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s a recipe for financial quicksand. Knowing my numbers – how much debt do I have to conquer, the living expenses to master, the cost of my dream lifestyle and amazing vacations and how my business is tracking – gives me the power to budget, to plan, to conquer.

6. Overnight is a Myth, Quick is Relative: Forget the overnight success myth. Progress may be slow, but when it finally clicks, it can feel like overnight. I’ll celebrate the small wins, the incremental steps, knowing that consistency is the engine driving me forward.

7. Community: The Wind in My Sails: I’m not in this alone. My community, the one I’m actively involved in, is my wind in the sails. Sharing, learning, collaborating – together, we lift each other up, making the climb a little less daunting, a lot more joyful.

This live event wasn’t just about Alex Jeffreys; it was about me. It was about shedding the skin of “broke and alone” and stepping into the vibrant, ambitious me I yearn to be. Armed with these takeaways, I’m ready to write a new chapter, a story of purpose, progress, and a future that, while not guaranteed overnight, feels tantalisingly closer than ever before.

This is my journey, and I invite you to join me. Share your own takeaways, your own struggles and triumphs. Let’s build a community where inspiration is contagious, and success is a collective celebration.

Until next time. 



13 thoughts on “From Broke and Alone to Building My Dream: Takeaways from Alex Jeffreys’ Live Event”
  1. Neal,

    The 7 lesson you learned from Alex are gold. They help reframe how your mind looks at thing. Each one of the points causes one to stop meditate and contemplate on how can I shift my mind to take advantage of each of these lessons. It makes me reevaluate my why and ask myself am I taking responsibility for my business? Am taking advantage of the sources at my disposal? Do I truly know my numbers?
    Even though I’m implementing these 7 things, It is alway good to reflect back and make sure you have the right mindset.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I especially like the first point regarding what you are running from.

    After all, it is said that people are more motivated by running away from pain than running towards pleasure.

    1. Hi Alan
      I agree with you on this point. Avoidance of anything that might be painful.
      I have a specific memory that I use to remind me too.
      Great motivator as I dont want to have the same thing occur again.

  3. Hi Neal
    Great post, Yes, I think the power of moving away from a painj point can be as great a motivator as the why you want to achieve the goals that you are walking towards, You’re heading in the right direction and I look forward to watching your progress

  4. What a great summary of Alex’s talk! I feel inspired again hearing your takeaways.
    I can relate to what you called punches in the gut. His advice came like the jabs of a boxer.
    There was so much so quickly!

    I like your reminder that I need to take ownership of my results. When I’m doubting myself in my business, I would prefer to get the bad guys with a Law and Order episode or enjoy putting the mystery of a jigsaw puzzle together. These things, as silly as it might be, make me feel empowered. I feel like I’ve done something when I’ve “helped the detectives” or I get another piece.

    I’ve been trying to find a way to get this same feeling of accomplishment from working my business. I like your reference to The Odyssey. I’m the captain of my own boat and I’m steering my ship. That might just be the trick I need to feel empowered by my business.
    I’m going to try it!

    What I most got out of Alex’s talk is the idea that if I come across a block that gets me stalled I don’t need to work through it or go around it, I just need to set a bigger goal. When I am accomplishing the bigger goal, it goes without saying that the little block I’m experiencing will get taken care of. Being focused on that bigger goal, I’ll take my eyes off that stumbling block.

    Thanks so much for this reminder!
    I’m going to steer my own ship this week!

    1. Thanks Nakina for your comments.
      Apologies for the delay in publishing and responding. I travelled interstate (Western Australia) last week and could not access any computers.
      I got a lot of Alex Jeffries talk even though I didnt see it live.
      Enjoyed writing the blog and feel it was my best one so far.
      I hope you feel your blog writing skills are progressing too.

    2. Thanks Nakina for your comments.
      Apologies for the delay in publishing and responding. I travelled interstate (Western Australia) last week and could not access any computers.
      I got a lot of Alex Jeffries talk even though I didnt see it live.
      Enjoyed writing the blog and feel it was my best one so far.
      I hope you feel your blog writing skills are progressing too.

  5. Neal, great summary of the seven lessons you learnt from Alex Jeffreys. It really was amazing and we are so lucky to have not only Dean but also some access to his mentor Alex. Just by listening to somebody who’s done it before and has experience gives so much comfort and hope that it can also happen for us. We just need to listen to them and do it as they say with a lessons that they teach us. Here’s to an amazing future. Wishing you all the best . Thanks, Atif

  6. Hi Neal

    That was a great blog. The 7 lessons were great. And I’m right there on the lottery ticket. 🥺

    Looking forward to reading your n xt post.

    Thanks Sandy

  7. Neal, my takeaway is that you certainly drive home the point that live events led by leaders we can look up to can help to alter our mindset to prepare us for the road ahead. I for one, look forward to reading more about this new chapter you are writing.

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